Neighbourhood Plan

Your opportunity to influence the future of your village

Belton with Browston; Burgh Castle; and Fritton with St Olaves Parish Councils have agreed to collaborate to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the above area.

Neighbourhood Plans provide an opportunity for you to have more influence on how the places in which you reside and/or work will change over time, shape the future of the area and formulate policies that reflect the area’s priorities, deliver tangible local benefits and have real weight in the planning system. The villages you would like to see your children and grandchildren inheriting and enjoying i.e. sustainable. Decision-making undertaken at parish level.

The vision and aims for the plan will be based upon demographic, socioeconomic, geographic and environmental evidence and Community Input. Decisions made will be about: where, if any, new development takes place, (housing, shops, offices, businesses etc.); areas that should be protected, (green/open spaces, natural habitats, biodiverse environments, heritage resources); building design; facilities; amenities; tourism; transport; infrastructure; and land use, to name but a few. An element of the plan may be to protect this predominantly rural area from being overwhelmed with the building of urban housing estates e.g. West Caister, Martham and Bradwell. Alternatively, you may welcome further or minimal development.

Once our plan is approved and adopted it will have legal status and form part of the Borough Council’s Local Plan upon which all planning applications are judged.

Forthcoming Neighbourhood Plan Public meetings:
St Olaves Village Hall on Saturday 21st January at 1.30pm.
Burgh Castle Village Hall on Wednesday 25th January at 1.00pm

Online Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

Belton with Browston; Burgh Castle; & Fritton with St Olaves Neighbourhood Plan

Please take a few minutes to take our survey.


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