Helpful Telephone numbers

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Helpful Telephone Numbers

 Links to Norfolk County Council Area Services and Area Transport Links

You may like to be reminded about the Norfolk County Council “where I live” page. This enables you to find out about services for your area: Norfolk County Council also has a travel information tool to make it easier for residents to find out which transport options are available to them. The tool, called Find Your Transport, brings together bus, rail, dial-a-ride, and community car scheme information in one place on the Norfolk County Council website. You can find the tool here –

Listing produced by colleagues at Norfolk CC which identifies funding and grants that may be available for individuals in Norfolk

Grants available for individuals and organisations in Norfolk

Norfolk guide to care and support for adults in 2018/19

Additional services for elderly/ vulnerable in our communities

Big Tea events: Independent Age have a campaign to try and alleviate loneliness called the ‘Big Tea’. Packs can be obtained. There is also an initiative from the  East of England Co-Op  who are giving free tea to community groups for one off events as well on a regular basis. There are other supermarket initiatives, such as Tesco who have community champions who provide refreshments at events and even serve them. Nearly all the libraries in Norfolk also run ‘Just A Cuppa’ events.  These are weekly, free events where people can come to the library and chat over a cup of tea  and as part of the Norfolk County Councils ‘In Good company’ campaign. Details can be found on the Norfolk Directory as well as via Debs at: [email protected]

Music Mirrors: these link short written scraps of life story information with sounds or music to cue positive memories and provide comfort at times of change or anxiety. They cost nothing, can be shared digitally or on paper, make a simple practical difference to person-centred care and are easily made with support from volunteers or families as well as professionals. They were originally devised for people living with memory loss but have a much wider application. Workshops and support are offered for a nominal fee of £20.00 to interested groups. More details via Heather at [email protected]

Availability of the  ‘Norfolk prepared’ App –

You may like to be aware of the ‘Norfolk prepared’ app.  It has never been easier to know the risks, to be informed and to be prepared for an emergency. See